How to check your Royal Mail OBA Account is active

Sometimes when applying for the Royal Mail integration you can accidentally put in the wrong admin email, this can be because you haven't logged into your OBA for a long time and have been using DMO and many other reasons.

But for whatever reason you need to check, the below steps will run you through the process of checking what your OBA admin email is or re-activating your OBA account (if you don't login for 12 months Royal Mail will deactivate it).

Checking your Royal Mail OBA Account is active

In order for Royal Mail to provide NetDespatch with the information required to setup your account, Royal Mail customers must have an active OBA account.

Checking your OBA Account is active

1. Navigate to

2. On the right hand side enter your login details for OBA.

If you do not know which email address is associated with your OBA account, you will need to contact the OBA Helpdesk by clicking on this link, calling 08457 950 950 or emailing them at

Royal Mail OBA 1

3. When you have successfully logged in, click on the ‘Access Online Business Account’ button.

Royal Mail OBA 2

If your OBA account is active, you will be redirected into your OBA management page as shown below. However if your OBA account has lapsed, the page will reload and you will be returned to the same page (shown above).

If this occurs you will need to ask Royal Mail to reactivate your account, you can do this via the OBA helpdesk.

Royal Mail OBA 3

If you have logged in successfully and can see the screen as shown above, your OBA account is active and Royal Mail can provide NetDespatch with the details required to setup your account. Please now provide this email address in the ‘Online Business Account (OBA) Email Address’ field on our request form.

Please note: Your OBA account allows you to access your Royal Mail billing and view reports on tracked services. With your NetDespatch account all your postings are automatically updated on OBA, however Royal Mail advise that you login regularly to check your details are correct.

If you do not login to OBA for over 12 months, Royal Mail will deactivate it.

Created on Dec. 12, 2016

Category: Shipping Integrations