Connecting and using Royal Mail with Zenstores

The main benefit of integrating your Royal Mail account with Zenstores is speed. You can print labels very quickly without leaving Zenstores or having to manually enter delivery information. If you frequently copy and paste addresses to the Royal Mail DMO website or use CSV files to create postage labels then this will save you time, effort and reduce mistakes.

If you use or are interested in Royal Mail PPI labels then please go here: Printing and using Royal Mail PPI labels

Connecting Royal Mail

For a guide on how to connect Royal Mail and to check if we support your preffered services please see the guides below: 

Booking shipments and printing labels

Once you have your Royal Mail account connected up you will want to start creating shipments and printing labels, if this seems a bit daunting don't worry the guides below should cover everything you need:

Generating manifests

An important part of shipping via Royal Mail is printing of your end of day manifest, this can seem scary at first but is actually a straight forward process. Please check the link below for a handy guide:

Tips and tricks

For anything not covered in the above videos, such as favouriting Royal Mail services and cancelations please see the below guides:

Created on March 9, 2016

Category: Shipping Integrations