Generating Royal Mail sales order reports (manifest's)

Royal Mail requires you to create an ‘End of Day’ Sales Order report to hand over with your packages ( collection and drop off ). 

To generate your end of day sales order reports you will need to login to your NetDespatch account ( 

For more information on how to generate sales order reports click here to view a step by step PDF guide. 

Sales order report for international shipments

Domestic and international shipments are created with two separate NetDespatch accounts.

To generate manifests for International shipments you will also need to login and generate the manifest with your international credentials following the same steps as here.

What is NetDespatch?

NetDespatch is a free service provider we use to book your shipments with Royal Mail. If you have requested the Royal Mail integration from us then you will be set up with two NetDespatch accounts one domestic and one international.

Created on Nov. 12, 2015