How to reprint labels using the shipment log

In this guide I'm going to introduce the new order log we have introduced recently, this is great for those moments when you accidentally tear a label, or just simply put it on the wrong parcel.

1. First of all dispatch some orders like normal by selecting them using the check boxes on the left hand side.

help order log 1

2. Then ship them using the Create Shipments button and then select courier from the dialogue

help order log 2

After selecting your shipping provider and filling in the appropriate parcel details, click Print Labels followed by Mark orders as dispatched

help order log 4

3. To then quickly re-print your orders labels simply click the Log button on the top right of the screen.

help order log 5

4. This will then bring up the Shipment Log dialogue box, from here you can just find the relevant order and click open. This will open the orders labels in a new tab ready for printing again. 

help order log 6

Please note: The labels in Shipment Log will only be available for two hours, after this you will have to use the re-print label function

Created on Oct. 28, 2016 by Harry

Category: Shipping Labels