How to set up and print Royal Mail PPI labels in Zenstores

In this guide were going cover how to set up the Royal Mail PPI service with Zenstores and how to print labels.

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1. The first thing we need to do is set up Royal Mail PPI with your Zenstorse account. To do this hover over 'Settings' and click 'Shipping'.

help print royal mail ppi 1

2. Once the settings page has loaded click on 'Add a courier' and then in the drop down click 'Royal Mail PPI Labels'.

How to set up print royal mail ppi labels

3. On the next page you are given a form to fill in, I am going to split this into two images as its quite long. First of all fill in a name(this will only be used inside Zenstores as a reference), then fill in your PPI number this usually starts with HQ. Then below this is a series of check-boxes uncheck any services you don't want available to you.

help print royal mail ppi 3

4. Then in the 'label' drop down select your label type, this will most likely be whatever your current label format is. If you want and  your labels are large enough (102x75mm) you can add a picking list to your labels, this can be done by ticking the 'Include picking list on your labels' check-box. Just below this you can decide what information you want to populate your picking list with, you can have product titles, SKU's or listing ID'S. Then finally click 'Save courier'.

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5. Now that you've set up your Royal Mail PPI courier, its time to test it out. First of all go back to your new orders page. And select some orders for dispatch, using the check-boxes on the left hand side, then click 'Create shipments'

help how to set up and print royal mail ppi labels 5

6. Then select 'Royal Mail PPI' from the list of couriers.

How to set up and print Royal Mail PPI labels 5

7. In the next section select your service in the 'Select a service' drop down and then click 'Create shipments'.

help print royal mail ppi 1

8. Once Zenstores has finished creating your labels, you can click Print labels. This will open a new tab with all your labels in it ready to be sent to the printer, at the bottom of the label you can see the picking list, this time it has been populated by the products in the order.

help print royal mail ppi 7

And there you have it, you now have Royal Mail PPI successfully set up and ready to go.

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Created on Dec. 3, 2015

Category: Shipping Labels