Zenstores: How syncing with your channel works

 How long after I have connected my online store till I start seeing my new orders on the Zenstores dashboard

This normally happens in around half an hour, but can be substantially quicker on some platforms and slower on others. 

We suggest to wait at least between half an hour and 2.5 hours before there is an issue, if you find yourself waiting longer than 2.5 hours we then suggest testing your channel connection, if you receive an error or if you don’t but half an hour later you are still not receiving orders then please get in touch.

Zenstores first time sync guide*:

  • Amazon - 2.5 hours
  • Shopify - 30 mins
  • Etsy - 30 mins
  • eBay - 1 hour
  • Woocommerce 30 mins
  • Magento - 2 hours

*Please note these are approximates

How frequently does Zenstores automatically send order information back to your channel?

Zenstores will export order information back to your channels every thirty minutes, so don’t expect your orders to instantly update on your online store. 

Please be patient and allow at least half an hour, but we generally suggest to allow up to a maximum of an hour and a half, if after this time you are still seeing no change on your online store then please get in touch with us

How frequently does Zenstores automatically import orders from my online stores? 

Zenstores automatically checks your online stores every half an hour for new orders, but you can always perform a manual sync if you need your order right away.  

If you have just connected your online store and you are wondering why new orders haven’t appeared we always suggest allowing at least between half an hour and 2.5 hours (this is dependant on what store you are connecting to) before thinking there’s a problem.

Why isn't this happening constantly, why do I have to wait?

There are many many other people all using our servers for the above process and if we were constantly looking for new orders everything would slow down. So to solve this problem we have syncing periods, that vary from channel to channel.

What information will sync between my online store and my Zenstores account?

Once an order has been imported into Zenstores no information will sync between your sales channels until you click the Dispatch button to dispatch that order. 

So for example, if the order is cancelled, or the customer changes their shipping address this information will not automatically be updated in Zenstores and will have to be manually updated by you in Zenstores. 

For help dealing with these situations please see our help guides below.

Here is a link to our guide on How to change the delivery address of an order

And here's a link to our guide on How to manage refunded orders in Zenstores

Created on April 5, 2016

Category: Shop Integrations