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Import orders from any store via a CSV file and export to upload to couriers and accountancy software.

All your orders in one place for MyHermes shipping

All your orders in one place

A complete, current view of all your orders from all your stores

Take back time shipping with MyHermes

Take back time

Save up to 25 hours per month shipping

Build your business with Zenstores' MyHermes integration

Grow your business

Free yourself to expand your business

Map fields once and you’re good to go

Many CSV import tools require you to use match your CSV file to their template each time you want to upload it. We think that sucks, so once you’ve matched your CSV file to our order fields within the Zenstores dashboard, you can save your custom template and never have to repeat the process again!

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All your orders from all your stores

Connect your online stores and Zenstores will import your orders automatically, giving you a single up-to-date list of orders ready to ship.

Zenstores is compatible with Etsy Zenstores is compatible with eBay Zenstores is compatible with Amazon Zenstores is compatible with Shopify Zenstores is compatible with Magento Zenstores is compatible with WooCommerce

Create shipments, print labels and dispatch orders

Connect your shipping providers to Zenstores to book shipments, print shipping labels and automatically mark orders as dispatched with tracking numbers.

Zenstores is compatible with myHermes Zenstores is compatible with Yodel Zenstores is compatible with APC

All the features you need, nothing you don't

Zenstores and MyHermes: Unlimited stores

"Would highly recommend for any business dealing with orders from multiple e-commerce platforms."

Bloomsbury Store

Zenstores and MyHermes: Unlimited users

"It has a great straightforward layout that can be customised to suit single users or multiple staff."

Derek from PZPalmtree

Zenstores and MyHermes: Fantastic customer support

"Highly recommended. The support is great."

Wolf from iCracked

Zenstores and MyHermes: Auto-dispatch with tracking numbers

"The dispatch process is literally a few clicks. I simply couldn’t function without this now."

Matt from Supplemented

Zenstores and MyHermes: Easy set up

"The system is so easy to use. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. My business wouldn't run as smooth if it wasn't for Zenstores."

Mark from Q-Fished

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