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Andrew Irvine from Mood Essential Oils

“It stops us wasting time copying and pasting addresses.”

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4 sales channels

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10 per week

The Company

Three years ago, Mood Essential Oils started out selling on eBay. Their passion for selling high quality, essential oils and helping people to understand how using them could support conventional healthcare, ensured that the business quickly expanded - they now sell on Amazon, Etsy and their own Shopify site.

Andrew Irvine is the General Manager at Mood Essential Oils.

The Challenge

The quick growth of the company began to put a strain on a number of their key processes. Everyday they were copying and pasting names and addresses to A4 sheets, printing them and then matching them up with the orders - taking up a massive amount of time and resources.

When Andrew joined Mood Essential Oils, he soon realised that there had to be a better way of organising orders, printing labels and dispatching them - that’s when he found Zenstores.

The Solution

“A simple and straightforward system”

After looking into a few different options, Zenstores was the most suited to their needs and easy to use. Andrew can now print off all their labels in bulk, and using integrated labels ensuring that the address and picking list are kept together.

In a morning he can get all the labels printed within an hour; with their current volume, Andrew believes this would have taken about four hours before using Zenstores.

Flagging orders and searching by product title enables them to print off all orders for specific items in one lot. While the merging orders feature helps save money on postage costs by combining orders to the same customer.

When they receive queries from customers they’ll put the order number straight into Zenstores and they can see what it is, when and how it was sent, and create a new label if necessary. Now the only reason for logging into eBay or Amazon is to do something specific such as process a return.

The Outcome

“For us it’s been a godsend really; when you way up the cost of it versus the cost of your time, it’s worth it.”

Saving time by using Zenstores is helping Mood Essential Oils focus attention on building up their own website with loyal customers; becoming less dependent on eBay and Amazon. They’re growing the business and expanding their product range with a new range of diffusers and sets of essential oils.

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