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Ecommerce news: new Shopify dashboard and eBay Neighbourhoods closes

Ecommerce news

In the news this week Shopify has updated sellers’ Dashboards, eBay closes its Neighbourhoods selling programme and MyHermes reduce their prices for the summer.

New dashboard for Shopify users

Shopify has updated their Online Store Dashboard to include data from all sales channels that are associated with your Shopify account as well as your Shopify store. You’ll now be able to compare time periods and sales channels to see the performance of your Shopify store alongside other channels. Sellers on the Shopify, Advanced or Plus plans will be able to see further reports which will be able to show where traffic is coming from, daily sales trends, top performing products, repeat customers, average order values and more in depth sales information.

Find out more about the improved Shopify dashboard here.

eBay closes Neighbourhoods programme

eBay will be closing its eBay Neighbourhoods programme by the end of August 2017. It was introduced as an updated version of eBay Trading Assistant in July 2016 and connected experienced eBay sellers with people in their area in need of help selling. Sellers would receive 40% commission based on the final sale price.

Read more about the end of eBay Neighbourhoods here.  

MyHermes reduces prices for summer

MyHermes have reduced their prices by up to 40% from 30 July until 10 September 2017. The lower prices apply to all parcels except ‘Less than 2kg small’ that are sent from a MyHermes ParcelShop or via courier collection.

See the reduced prices for MyHermes here

Etsy tests low stock message and best-seller badges

Etsy is doing a number of tests over the next few weeks including highlighting certain listings as best-sellers and a low stock message within listings.

For listings that have an item quantity of three or less a percentage of shoppers will see a message saying “3/2/1 left in stock”. The text won’t display on one of a kind or made to order listings.

Another test will highlight best selling items on search results pages for certain searches. Etsy will also be testing a best-selling item badge that will appear on listings in search and on category pages. Badges will appear based on sales of an individual listing, so a shop may have a badge on only one listing even though they have several listings for that item.

Find out more about Etsy’s test here

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