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New Features: Tax on Invoices, CSV exports and Billing History

Blog header - Tax on invoices and other new features

Category: Processing Software

We've just launched some great new features to help make life even easier for online sellers. Sometimes it's the little details that count, and we're dedicated to making improvements both big and small.

If you log in to your Zenstores account, you will now have access to the following features.

Tax on Invoices

Zenstores can now automatically calculate tax for orders imported from eBay/Amazon/Shopify/Magento that are not already set up with a tax rate. This will ensure that your invoices and records are accurate with what the customer has paid.

See this help page for more information

CSV order export

Export your orders as a CSV right from the dashboard.

Billing history

Now you can view your billing history and download past invoices for Zenstores.

Print 2 Royal Mail labels on a single A4 sheet

This was a popular request and it's easy to see why! Save ink and paper by printing 2 Royal Mail shipping labels on a single A4 page. This is also a great alternative to using a thermal label printer. 

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