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Woo-Hoo! Zenstores adds support for WooCommerce

Zenstores adds support for WooCommerce

Even though we’re rolling out new integrations with ecommerce platforms and shipping providers on a regular basis throughout this year it doesn’t mean we’re any less excited when we launch a new one. With that in mind we’re thrilled today to announce that our integration with WooCommerce - the world’s number one ecommerce platform - is now live!

WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin for sellers who already have a WordPress website. With almost 14m downloads of the plugin, that could mean up to 37% of all online stores use WooCommerce. We firmly believe there’s more than one ecommerce platform that can do the job for online sellers (horses for courses and all that) but it’s certainly exciting to be able to make Zenstores available to such a large global audience.

For more information on why WooCommerce sellers should check out Zenstores shipping and order management software take a look at our dedicated product page.

If you’re already using Zenstores to ship orders from other platforms/marketplaces but would like to connect your WooCommerce store as well, here’s a handy guide to connecting your store.

Q2 of this year is now upon us and our integration queue looks a little like this: BigCommerce, Not On The High Street, OpenCart and Rakuten will be our next store platform integrations, while ParcelForce is imminent on the shipping provider side.

As always, we prioritise our development time against the needs of our users, so if you want to make use of all the superpowers Zenstores can give you but use a platform we don’t support, please get in touch and let us know what you want us to get working on!

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