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Website visitors who don’t make a purchase are essentially internet window shoppers. But how exactly do you attract meaningful traffic to your website – traffic that will convert to sales?

Traffic vs sales: what’s the difference?

Quite simply, traffic is the number of people who visit your website. Sales are when the visits to your site stick and are followed by a purchase or sign-up. Visitors may click on your website when they are attracted by something they see, but they will click away if they haven’t found what they want or are not prompted to take action.

As a business owner, transforming those clicks into cash can seem daunting.

The good news is that you can improve your traffic-to-sales conversion with a few simple techniques. The best bit? You don’t have to be a marketing expert either to get to grips with these!

Five tips for converting traffic into sales

Try these techniques to inspire your visitors to take action.

Attract the right traffic – appeal to your target customer

The product or service you’re offering must align with your audience’s interests and needs. It’s all well and good having lots of people click on your website but footfall will only translate to sales if the right people are reaching you.

A good tip is to build a customer persona. Combining feedback from existing customers, analytics, and competitor information, you can create fictional representations of your ideal customers. These will help you work out pain points and narrow down your messaging. Areas to consider include demographics, interests, health, and which platforms they may use.

Keyword focus is also a good way to appeal to your target demographic. Have a look at what your consumers are searching for online and what is trending. This way your site has more chance of ranking highly on search engines.

Review your website design

Website design is an essential aspect of your branding as it is the ‘shop window’ for your brand. An attractive website that is easy to navigate makes for a great first impression and hooks visitors in.

Make sure your site has easy-to-read text that isn’t overcrowded and an intuitive menu that clearly points your visitor in the right direction. It’s also helpful to add internal links, so readers can easily find more relevant information or products.

Make sure your USP shines

The key to making sales is having – and emphasising – a Unique Selling Point (USP). You want to showcase why visitors should choose your business over a competitor’s.

Whether it’s providing bespoke services, free returns or donating a percentage of your profits to charity, make sure your USP is highlighted throughout your website.

Use strong CTAs

A strong Call To Action (CTA) will make your website a sale magnet. Good CTAs are snappy, persuasive and present an offer your visitors can’t refuse.

Keep things short and sweet, use emotive language and create a sense of urgency that entice people to click that ‘buy’ button!

Offer more delivery options

The delivery options offered on a website can often make or break a sale. They can be the difference between making a sale and a customer wandering off to another site to compare.

Zenstores Swift offers flexible shipping options and prices all in one place, so you have the freedom to monitor all your orders without having to visit various delivery operators individually.

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