Using ecommerce order management tools

Getting the most out of ecommerce order management tools

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Order management tools can be used to simplify and improve the complicated processes associated with fulfilling and dispatching ecommerce orders. Not only can they help you to speed up your processes, but they will also improve the accuracy of your order fulfilment and help you to offer great customer service.

How can order management tools help your ecommerce business?

Order management is key to keeping your ecommerce business organised, efficient and productive. Software such as Zenstores can simplify your shipping by importing all your orders from each sales channel into one place, there you can print labels and dispatch your orders in bulk.

You can also attach labels to orders so that you know what stage they are at, you can assign orders to different users, and search through all your orders. These order management tools will help you to speed up your dispatch process, and help you to keep track of all your orders and have a good oversight of your ecommerce business.

Keeping your orders organised

Categorising the status of each order will enable you to keep track of the progress of all of them. You’ll be able to quickly check which orders have been picked, packaged or shipped. Or, if there’s an issue with an order then you can highlight that so that it gets dealt with appropriately. Within Zenstores you can create custom flags and assign them to different orders, then you can filter by these flags to find certain types of orders. For example, you will be able to filter by ‘packaged’ to see all the orders that have been packaged and now need shipping labels printing.

Find out more about flagging orders and filtering orders in Zenstores.

Assigning orders to team members

If you have more than one member of staff for your ecommerce business then it’s important that your fulfilment and dispatch processes are highly organised so that orders are correct, send in good time and there are not mistakes that could end up costing you money.

In Zenstores, you can create as many users for your account as you need at no extra cost. This means that each of your employees can be set up as a separate user, then you can assign particular orders to different staff members. You’re also able to filter orders by team members. Find out more about adding users and assigning orders to them here.

Finding orders

Order management tools will also enable you to search through your orders from all sales channels. This can be really useful when dealing with a customer enquiry, as you’ll be able to find an order quickly and check its status. Through Zenstores you can search for an order using either the customer’s name or postcode.

Adding notes to orders

Another way of keeping your ecommerce orders organised it to add notes to individual orders. You can add notes regarding any issues with the order, special requirements or anything that the person who is fulfilling the order will need to know. Being able to add on notes is an important order management tool that can help prevent mistakes being made and keep everyone informed about the status of an order.

Order management is an important aspect of running a successful ecommerce business. All of these functions are available through Zenstores, and will ensure that your business runs smoothly, reduce the number of mistakes made and help you to fulfill and dispatch orders quicker. Find out more about Zenstores here.

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