Template eBay order addresses to Avery address labels

template ebay order to avery address labels

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If your eBay orders are piling up then you’re probably looking for a simple and efficient way to label your parcels to send out. By using an Avery sticker sheet (also known as address labels) you can print a whole page of addresses on to labels that are ready to peel off and stick on to your parcels. While this may seem like the perfect solution, it is important to know exactly what's involved before you start.

We investigate two different methods (using Microsoft Word and Google Documents) to template your eBay order addresses to an avery sticker sheet.

Using Microsoft Word

If you use a PC then you can download the Avery Wizard for Microsoft Office. However, if you have issues with it (looking at the comments below the download will give you an idea of some peoples problems), or you are using a Mac, then you can template your eBay order address into an Avery sticker sheet using Microsoft Word.

First of all you will need to set up an Excel spreadsheet with all of the addresses from your ebay orders - this is the most time consuming and tedious part of the process. The first row should contain the titles for each section: Name, Street address, City, Postcode. Then you need to copy and paste each line of the addresses into the relevant columns - repeat this for each address that you need to print a label for.

Once your spreadsheet is ready close it and open a word document. Go to ‘Tools’ and select ‘Mail Merge Manager’. A small Mail Merge Manager window will open:

  1. Select Document Type
    Select ‘Create New’ and then ‘Labels’.Select which printer you have, and choose the labels you are going to print on using the drop down menu. Then click ‘OK’.

  2. Select Recipients List
    Click ‘Get List’, then choose ‘Open Data Source’, now you can choose the excel file with the addresses. Click ‘OK’ when it asks about security, and the ‘Cell Range’ should be Entire Worksheet. Once you click ‘OK’ another window will open to edit the label.
    Select each of the fields you want to include, hitting enter in between so that they appear like this:

    Once you’ve pressed ‘OK’ the fields will appear on the document.

  3. Insert Placeholders

  4. Filter Recipients
    This allows you to filter out any recipients by each category - for example if you only want labels for recipients in a particular city.

  5. Preview Results
    Click on the ABC symbol to see a preview of the label template.

  6. Complete Merge
    Either merge to a printer or to a new document.

Using Google Documents

If you prefer to do things online then you can also create an Avery sticker sheet using Google documents.

If you don't already have a Google Drive acccount, find out how to set one up here. Then you can use Google Drive to create a Google spreadsheet with all of the addresses from your ebay orders - the first row contains the titles for each section: Name, Street address, City, Postcode. Then you need to copy and paste each line of the addresses in and repeat this for each address.

Next open a new Google word document. Then go to the toolbar, select Add-ons and search for the free Avery Label Merge Add-on.

When you have installed the free add-on, it will set up a template on your document with very easy to follow instructions but we’ll walk you through them anyway.

Go back to the add-ons menu and click Avery Label Merge, select New Merge. It will ask you to choose which Avery product you wish to use - this is when you can select the template that matches the stickers you are going to print on.

Pick which spreadsheet to use. Once you have chosen one, a window will open on the right hand side of the screen which has a list of the available categories and data.

Place the cursor in the blank box, then click on the name category and it will appear in the box as [[Name]]. Move the cursor to the next line. Click on Street Address so that it appears on the next line. Do the same for the city and Postcode.

Once everything is where you want it to be click on ‘merge’. A new window appears and you can click ‘open’ to view the template. You then have the chance to make any necessary changes before you start printing.

Once you have created a spreadsheet by copying and pasting addresses from eBay creating the avery sticker template is a pretty simple process, however you choose to do it.

Saving time

If you'd rather save time and not waste hours of your working day copying addresses from eBay, then Zenstores is able to create sheets of address labels in just a couple of clicks! No more copy and pasting or spreadsheets required.

Zenstores is compatible with many different A4 address label formats, including these Avery brand address labels:

Avery L7160 A4 sheet 21 labels - 63.5 x 38.1 mm
Avery L7163 A4 Sheet 14 Labels - 99.1 x 38.1 mm
Avery: J8165 - A4 Sheet 8 Labels - 99.1mm x 67.7mm.

If you print using a thermal printer, Zenstores can print address labels and shipping labels to these too.

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