How to set up a MyHermes business and credit account

how to set up a myhermes business account

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MyHermes is a popular, economy delivery service which offers courier collection or drop off at local ParcelShops, paid for on an ad hoc basis. As you start sending more parcels you’ll be able to benefit from a MyHermes business account with competitive prices, and if you send more than 300 parcels per week you can apply for a MyHermes Credit Account so you’ll be invoiced monthly for your shipments. We take you through how to set up a MyHermes Business Account and Credit Account.

Requirements for a MyHermes Business Account

If you want to sign up for a MyHermes Business Account you need to be sending over 150 parcels per week, that fit within the MyHermes size restrictions.

Once you have a Business Account you’ll have access to flexible, competitive prices, 48-hour tracked delivery, free van collections, and an account manager.

How do you set up a MyHermes Business Account?

To set up a MyHermes Business Account you need to send an enquiry email to, you will then have to provide them with the following information so that they can give you a quote:

  • Your company name, the full collection address including postcode, and telephone number
  • Your preferred collection time slot (a 30 minute window)
  • The average weekly amount of parcels you send that would be suitable for MyHermes
  • The volume you send in each weight band (0-1kg, 1-2kg, 2-5kg, 5-10kg, 10-15kg)
  • Average dimensions of the parcels you send 
  • The contents of the parcels you want to send
  • Whether you currently send international parcles, or if it's something you've considered
  • The price you are currently paying per parcel and current courier, if applicable. 
  • Any software or integration platforms that you use
  • The email address you would be registering with. 

When MyHermes receive this information they will get in touch with a quote tailored to your business, then you just have to agree to the terms and MyHermes will book in your van collection and set up your account with the agreed rates applied. With a MyHermes Business Account you will still be charged for each shipment on a pay as you go basis.

Setting up a MyHermes Credit Account

If you’re sending over 300 parcels per week you can apply for a MyHermes Credit Account, which allows you to pay for your shipments on a monthly basis. To apply for a Credit Account you have to already have a Business Account (or you can set one up at the same time), and you will need to contact MyHermes’ sales team, You will be subject to a credit check before your credit account is approved and set up.

To use Zenstores to import your orders from different ecommerce platforms and print MyHermes labels, you need a MyHermes Credit Account. 

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