Zenstores order management for Etsy sellers

Zenstores for Etsy sellers

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Etsy is a great place to sell handmade and personalised unique items. However, when you have different orders coming in, especially if you’re also selling on other sites such as eBay or Amazon it can quickly become overwhelming, making order management software essential.

Selling handmade items isn’t as simple as just receiving an order and dispatching it, you have to create the item and add any personalisations before you can send it. This more complicated process means there are more opportunities for things to go wrong, which is why it’s important to have a simple and efficient way to manage your orders.

Zenstores imports all your orders from different marketplaces into one place where you can print shipping labels. And for Etsy sellers, there are also a number of unique problems that Zenstores is able to help with.

Custom flags

You can keep track of where orders are using custom flags, making it easy make sure they’re processed and dispatched in time. All your orders received from Etsy can be individually labelled with custom flags, so you can make it clear whether an order is being made, packaged, or shipped. You can also use the flags to highlight issues with an order.

For example, if the customer hasn’t provided the correct information for a personalised order you can flag it as a problem, and then flag it when the customer has been contacted and you are waiting for their response. Flags can also be used to show when an item has been produced, so that money and time isn’t wasted making the same orders twice.


The specifications for your order on Etsy, ie. size, type etc, will all be imported as part of the order. Zenstores can also import the message from buyer which includes details for personalisation of items. This gives you a quick and easy way to see see exactly what needs to be done for each order.

Assigning orders

Zenstores also helps you keep track of who is responsible for each order. Even if you only have a small team it can still get confusing, especially if you have part time staff, or people working at different hours. You can use Zenstores to assign users to orders, making sure that the same order isn’t produced twice, and if you have a large number of orders you can streamline your process by assigning production and dispatching of particular items to different people.

Using Zenstores with your Etsy shop takes away the stress of making and dispatching orders on time. It gives you one place to check what orders you have, what stage they’re at, as well as being able to print shipping labels in a few clicks. You can save yourself time and energy by using these simple tools in Zenstores to make your Etsy business more efficient.

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