Why should your business start shipping from Zenstores?

Why Zenstores?

Whether you’re just getting started in ecommerce or your business is shipping tens of thousands of orders a month — Zenstores is more than shipping software, we’re here to help your business succeed.

Zenstores powers over a million shipments every month for the most entrepreneurial, exciting and fastest-growing businesses, and they ship from Zenstores because:

1. We help you get set up and shipping fast

We work hard to make sure you're seeing the value of Zenstores right off the bat. We’ll help you get your sales channels connected and your courier accounts integrated — free of charge. So you can start creating shipments, printing shipping labels and getting orders of the door — fast.

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“You can simply import all of your orders from Shopify, eBay, Amazon and other channels in one place and print shipping labels with a couple of clicks! The Zenstores customer support is brilliant, I strongly recommend starting to work with these guys!” — Monday Vapes

2. Zenstores is incredibly easy to use

Zenstores is designed to be super-simple to use and understand, so you and your team can get what you need to get done quickly and confidently. Plus, we're always on hand if you need help.

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“We tried a few shipping apps, and Zenstores was just the simplest and clearest to use. It's uncomplicated, user friendly and integrates really well with a range of shipping services. Support is great too - very open to helping where they can. Definitely worth it!” — Swagger & Swoon

3. Our pricing makes sense

Running a business is rarely smooth sailing, especially so in these unprecedented times. Our pricing is designed to give you flexibility so you can quickly increase or decrease your plan size whenever you need to. Plus, there are no contracts, cancellation fees, big setup fees or hidden charges — ever.

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“I have used Zenstores for about 18 months and it saves lots of time and the staff have been very helpful. Also, for peak times of year, it’s so easy to upgrade and downgrade the plans with no additional costs. It is also super easy to use. It has definitely helped our business.” — World Of Stickers

4. Technology you can trust and a Partner for your business

Over 1,000 businesses across the UK trust Zenstores to keep their shipping running smoothly. From our office in Bristol, UK, we're always working to help you and your business succeed.

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“Absolutely excellent app. The team are very responsive, offering excellent support and are open to hearing about how they could further improve their already excellent app. When I first started using Zenstores I wasn’t sure I really needed it, now that my business has grown around it I couldn't live without it. — Your Brew

5. We pride ourselves on Five-Star customer support

Whatever your question, we're happy to help you get the most out of Zenstores. From day one you'll have direct access to our customer success and support teams at no cost.

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“Having been thrown in at the deep end for my new job I had to contact Zenstores with some questions and was blown away by the customer service I received. Michael answered my questions quickly, methodically and gave me extra information relevant to my questions. Having already found the software incredibly useful this was now paired by superb customer service. Thoroughly recommend.” — Zoono UK

6. Ship internationally with confidence

The Zenstores platform is working in line with our courier partner's specifications and the government's guidance for both domestic and international shipping.

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“I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for the part you have played in enabling us to have a smooth Brexit transition. When I read today in the papers of companies and couriers cancelling EU shipping routes due to logistical failures and red tape, I tip my hat with respect to you and my shipping partners for the work done to make things work effortlessly for us.” — London Loves Beauty

We’re already helping over 1,000 UK-based ecommerce businesses to ship more than a million orders every month, so join them today by creating a free account. 100 free shipments included to get you started.

All reviews are copied from our Shopify app store listing, which can be seen here: Shopify App Store You can also check out more Zenstores customer reviews on Trustpilot and Capterra

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