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Getting started with eBay

Part 3: Start shipping eBay orders with Zenstores

After you’ve set up your Zenstores account and connect it to your eBay shop and your courier, you’re ready to print shipping labels.

How to ship your eBay orders using Zenstores

Through Zenstores you’ll be able to print shipping labels for a number of different couriers including Royal Mail, Yodel, DPD and Parcelforce. Find out more about setting up your shipping integrations here. 

  1. When you log in to your Zenstores account go to the ‘New Orders’ list.
  2. Here you can choose one order or tick the boxes next to multiple orders to create labels for several orders at once. 
    Shipping eBay orders with Zenstores - selecting orders
  3. Once you’ve chosen your orders, click the green ‘Create shipment’ button on the right hand side. 
    Shipping eBay orders with Zenstores - Click create shipment
  4. A pop up window will appear where you can choose which of your couriers you want to use for these orders. 
    Shipping eBay orders with Zenstores - choosing a courier
  5. The process will then vary slightly depending on which courier you are using. For most couriers in the next window, you will have to select which service you want to use. 
    Shipping eBay orders with Zenstores - entering parcel details
  6. After you enter all the required details click ‘Book shipments’.
    Shipping eBay orders with Zenstores - create shipment
  7. The next window will say that the shipments have been successfully created. Click the green button that says ‘print labels’.
    Shipping eBay orders with Zenstores - print labels
  8. The labels will open as a PDF document in a new browser tab ready for you to print.
    Shipping eBay orders with Zenstores - back to Zenstores tab
  9. You can then go back to the Zenstores browser tab and click ‘Mark order as dispatched’. This will then automatically update your order as dispatched in eBay and upload tracking details (if there are any) to eBay.
Shipping eBay orders with Zenstores - mark as dispatched

Merging orders on Zenstores

When you have a customer that places two separate orders you can cut shipping costs by combining orders. Zenstores will automatically check the addresses of all new orders and give you the option to merge them if they are going to the same address. You’re also able to manually merge orders, as well as unmerge orders if you no longer want to ship them together.

  1. If there are orders with the same shipping address in the New orders list, Zenstores will detect this and an alert will appear, at the top right hand of the list, giving you the chance to merge these orders.
    Merging eBay orders in Zenstores
  2. Once you’ve merged these orders they will appear together in your new orders list with a purple ‘merged’ flag on the right, to let you know that these are now merged.
    Merging eBay orders in Zenstores
  3. Then you can click ‘Create shipment’ to create shipping labels and dispatch the order as normal.

To unmerge an order, open the merged order by clicking on the Order ID of the merged order. The order will then open and you can scroll down the page to click ‘Unmerge Order’.