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CSV import makes Zenstores available to everyone

Zenstores CSV import

Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of a major new feature that will make Zenstores a more accessible platform for online sellers. We’re doubling down on development this year to make sure we integrate directly with as many of the leading ecommerce platforms on the market. However, regardless of how we prioritise those integrations we’ll never be able to avoid leaving some sellers left out.

We want Zenstores to be available to everyone regardless of how they’ve built their online store and our new feature — CSV import — makes that a reality. CSV import enables sellers using any selling platform to manage their orders, book shipments and print labels through Zenstores. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re using PrestaShop, ekm Powershop, JShop, BigCartel or any other ecommerce store system. With CSV import, you can get your orders into the Zenstores dashboard in no time at all and speed up your shipping process.

Importing a CSV file is super-easy. Here’s how it works:

For sellers who use an ecommerce platform we don’t currently support, the CSV import feature is a great way to utilise our free trial and find out how much of a difference Zenstores can make to day to day order management and shipping. Get started with a free account today.

CSV import is also great news for some of our existing sellers who might be using Zenstores to manage and ship orders from all but one of their sales channels. We know that having all your orders in one place provides massive time-saving benefits, so it’s always been a bugbear of ours that some users haven’t been able to have that. We’re happy to have solved that issue and now be able to always give sellers a complete view of all orders.

For a detailed explanation of how to import a CSV file, here’s the full guide to getting started.

While this CSV import functionality is great, nothing beats a direct integration with a store system. As always we prioritise what we’re working on based on demand from our users, so please get in touch to let us know if there’s a store system you’re using that we don’t support!

You can get in touch via or just leave a message in the comments section below this post!

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