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Ecommerce news: Amazon reduces A-Z claim response time

Amazon reduces AZ claim response time

Over the last couple of weeks,Amazon has announced that it will be changing the timeframe sellers have to respond to A-Z Guarantee claims within, and Parcelforce has published their last posting dates for Christmas delivery. We’ve got a summary of the latest ecommerce news to keep you up to date on changes that might affect your online business.

Amazon is reducing seller response time for A-Z Guarantee claims

Amazon has announced that from 14 November 2016, sellers will have three calendar days to respond to an A-Z Guarantee claim notification, instead of seven calendar days. The new requirements have been announced in Amazon’s Seller Central and by email.

Sellers will have to respond via Seller Central to any A-Z Guarantee claims filed by buyers within three days otherwise the claim will be decided in the buyer’s favour. Contacting the buyer directly or any other response, other than through Seller Central won’t be classed as an official response to the A-Z Guarantee claim. The changes mean that it’s crucial that you regularly check your seller account for claim notifications and respond as soon as you can.

Find out more about reduced A-Z Guarantee claim responses here.

Parcelforce’s last posting dates for Christmas 2016

Parcelforce has announced their last shipping dates for guaranteed delivery by Christmas 2016. The last date to send to Western Europe, USA & Canada, and Eastern Europe and rest of the world, using the globalexpress service, is Monday 19 December. For the Republic of Ireland, the last date is Wednesday 21 December.

For UK deliveries Parcelforce is offering delivery on Saturday 24 December (Christmas Eve) for an extra £9. The last date to send using their two day delivery services is Thursday 22 December, and for their one day services it’s Friday 23 December.

Find out all of Parcelforce’s last posting dates for Christmas 2016. 

eBay launches ShopBot for Facebook messenger

eBay is launching ShopBot for Facebook messenger as a new way to search eBay’s listings. Using Artificial Intelligence, the ShopBot is able to respond to shoppers asking to find products, searching eBay to find them relevant items. They can also send an image for the ShopBot to do a visual search of eBay.

To see how shoppers may be searching for items on eBay in the future you can beta test the ShopBot at, and find out more information here. 

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