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Ecommerce news: Australian tax and Shopify fraud protection

ecommerce news: australian sales tax and shopify fraud protection

Australian GST for international online retailers

From 1 July 2018, retailers shipping to Australia will be subject to Australian GST (general sales tax). GST applies to low value imported goods, sold to consumers in Australia. International retailers will have to register for GST if you are:

  • Carrying on an enterprise (business)
  • Your GST turnover from sales connected with Australia and made in the course of your enterprise, meets or exceeds the A$75,000 threshold (based on your turnover for the current month and previous 11 months, or your projected turnover for the next 11 months). 

Non-residents will be able to register for GST through a simplified, electronic registration. The Australian Taxation Office has said that they will use financial data tracking, customs data and online investigations to identify retailers that don’t meet their GST obligations.

Find out more about Australian GST for non-residents here

New Shopify security feature: Fraud Protect

Shopify has announced a new security feature, Fraud Protect, which is designed to help identify and protect retailers when they encounter fraudulent transactions.

Shopify Fraud Protect will offer support for fraudulent chargebacks, with Shopify handling the dispute and reimbursing the retailer the order amount and fee. Retailers will be charged a small fee for every protected order, with the idea that it will save time manually reviewing orders for fraudulent transactions.

Find out more about Shopify’s new Fraud Protect here

Etsy reviews on Pattern website

Etsy retailers can now display reviews from buyers on Etsy on their Pattern website (a standalone online shop that links up with your Etsy inventory). Retailers can sync reviews from Etsy to their website in the ‘Design’ tab of the website editor. All existing reviews will then be displayed on both your Etsy shop and website, and any future reviews will also appear on your Pattern site as well.

Find out more about Etsy reviews for your Pattern website here.

eBay to relaunch eBay India

eBay has announced that they are selling their holdings in Flipkart (an India based marketplace). Once the sale has been completed, eBay is planning to relaunch eBay India, with a focus on cross-border trade opportunities.

Read more about Flipkart and eBay India here.

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