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Ecommerce news: Sell on Etsy app and Pinterest Propel

ecommerce news

Customised orders through Etsy app

Etsy has recently added the ability to create custom orders from conversations to the Etsy app.

When a shopper sends a request, in the Etsy app sellers will be able to tap the listing icon at the bottom of the 'Convo' to create a custom listing. The buyer is then able to add the custom listings to their cart from within the 'Convo'. This feature is currently only available in the iOS version of the Sell on Etsy app but will be available on Android soon.

Read more about the new customised orders feature in the Sell on Etsy app here

Etsy has also been testing out new ways to highlight sales to shoppers such as informing them when a shop’s sale is ending. A limited-time offer to potential new buyers is being tested as well. Both tests started in March, and are being tested on a percentage of buyers on Etsy - find out more about all current buyer marketplace testing here

Pinterest Promoted Pins and Propel available in the UK

Pinterest’s Propel programme, which launched in the USA and Canada last year, is now available for business users in the UK, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. Pinterest Propel is a free service that offers dedicated, one-on-one support for businesses setting up Pinterest Ads. They’ll have access to personalised support to guide them through their first campaign, as well as expert training on how to use Ad Manager. Learn more about Pinterest Propel here.

Pinterest has recently extended their ‘Promoted Pins’ to the UK as well; businesses can click on a ‘Promote’ button on their pins so create an advert in under a minute. Previously Promoted Pins were only available to US businesses but are now accessible for business accounts in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, as well as the UK.

Read more about recent updates to Pinterest business accounts here

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