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Improved Bulk Shipping and other updates!

Zenstores Product Update - Improved bulk shipping and more!

Winston Churchill once said that

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

Here at Zenstores we believe in that mantra and thus we are constantly improving and updating our product. This week we have made some updates that will make it easier to create shipping labels and process orders in bulk, especially for you power users!

Let's take a look at what's new.

Select all orders

Product update - select all feature

The days of selecting 15 orders at a time are over!

This has been our most requested update, and we feel your pain. It is our pleasure to announce that you can now select all of your orders without having to load them onto the page via feats of never ending scrolling.

Better visibility for shipping errors

Update - better visibility shipping errors

We have improved the visibility of courier booking errors, making it easier to find and fix those annoying post code mistakes when creating Royal Mail or MyHermes shipping labels using Zenstores.

Re-print batches of labels

Update - reprint labels

Just for those times when you spill your coffee or your dog ate your labels, you can now re-print batches of labels for up to 2 hours via the notifications area in the top bar!

and finally...

Order Filtering by Country

Update - filter country

We know that you don’t just ship to one country. We know that you are part of a global network of buyers and sellers. We know sifting through orders to find ones in a specific location can be hard. So we added a filter to only display orders from chosen countries, making your work just that little bit easier.

Royal Mail customs form improvements

People who are sending parcels to European countries using the Royal Mail Integration will be pleased to hear that it is no longer necessary to fill in the customs form for every booking. The form is still required for international Royal Mail deliveries, however we are working on making this process more streamlined in the coming months.

This is the first of several new updates we are rolling out over the coming months.

Let us know how we can do a better job by sending us your feedback or just press share to tell the country the good news.

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