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Introducing Zenstores Insights and Zenstores Dispatch

Introducing Zenstores Insights and Zenstores Dispatch

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Here at Zenstores our goal is to help online sellers become more successful by creating powerful, accessible products that simplify their operations, and by providing useful, actionable information on ecommerce best practices.

To achieve the first part of that mission we spend a lot of time talking to customers, trying to understand the pain points in their businesses and where we might be able to help them. Today’s public launch of Zenstores Insights, and the introduction of Zenstores Dispatch as the new name for our well-known and successful shipping software, is the result of this customer research and marks a big step towards our goal of simplifying the process of selling online.

Zenstores Dispatch: A new name for a familiar face

Zenstores Dispatch 450px

Two years ago we launched an order management and shipping product that has now saved thousands of online sellers hours every day by automating the booking of shipping services, printing delivery labels and marking orders as dispatched.

That product is now known as Zenstores Dispatch (view product page), and we are fully committed to continuing its development over the coming years to make it compatible with every online seller, regardless of where they sell or who they ship with.

Introducing Zenstores Insights

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During the last twelve months we’ve been looking at how we can add value to other areas of an online seller’s business. An issue that frequently cropped up when talking to customers was the difficulty many have in accessing useful sales data. 

In a world of razor-thin margins and furious competition, knowing what’s working for your business and what’s not is essential information. The trouble is that sellers typically trade on multiple platforms, and although Amazon, eBay, Shopify and the rest have solid reporting, they’re completely gated off from each other. The other issue is time. Online sellers don’t have any, and analysing data is one of the most time-intensive things you can do.

That’s why we’ve worked in the background over the last few months to first beta-test and now launch Zenstores Insights (view product page), a reporting product that gives ecommerce sellers a single, up-to-date view of their sales performance and the power to identify the channels, products and customers that are driving their business’ growth.

Zenstores Insights - Channel Insights

Product heatmaps highlight your best and worst-selling products and enable you to optimise your product-mix while avoiding waste. Customer leaderboards provide the intelligence needed to engage a business’ most valuable buyers, while day-by-day sales trends by channel keep you on the pulse of your business and enable you to react quickly to sudden spikes or drops in sales.

Here’s what Charlie Cawood of online microretailer Rahsia SG, has to say about it: 

“Zenstores Insights is incredibly valuable. It provides us with straightforward daily sales metrics and allows us to assess our real-time performance and growth.”

Zenstores: A platform for ecommerce success

Our mission to create powerful, accessible, products that make the lives of online sellers easier. We believe that Zenstores Dispatch and Zenstores Insights can make a tangible difference to two key areas of a microretailer’s business, but we’re not stopping there. 

Over the next six months we will continue to add features, integrations and functionality to Zenstores Dispatch and Zenstores Insights. We’ll also continue to have regular discussions with our customers to find out how else we can help make their business processes simpler. That’s where we’ll need your help and direction, so if you ever think of any detail that could make the Zenstores platform even half a percent better, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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