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Zenstores is evolving: New features

Zenstores is evolving

This week we’re delighted to announce the rollout of three fantastic new features that have been developed in response to requests from our helpful user community. Zenstores users never hold back from suggesting new features and functionality and that’s exactly why we love them! 

Our platform is purpose-built to save small ecommerce retailers time when managing and shipping orders, and we’re confident these new features will make your workflow even quicker and simpler.

Sort orders by Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) (Available now)

The ability to sort orders by Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) has now been added to the Zenstores dashboard. Simply click ‘Customise’, make sure the checkbox for SKUs is ticked and away you go!

Sort orders by SKU

Automated email invoices (Available to test)

We’ve heard from many of our users that a real pain-point in day to day operations is the process of manually creating and sending VAT invoices to customers for every order.

To tackle this issue we’re introducing a new feature: Automated email invoicing. Zenstores users can now automatically create an invoice and email it to their customers when they dispatch an order (in bulk or individually), saving lots of time! 

More info on how it works 

Note: Currently this feature only supports eBay, Magento, Shopify and manual orders, NOT Amazon orders.

We’re currently trialling this feature with a small group of users before we roll it out to everyone. If you’d like to be part of this test just get in touch and we can turn on the functionality in your account immediately.

Improved order filtering (Coming soon)

Coming very soon will be the launch of a raft of new order filtering options in the Zenstores dashboard, making them easier to use, more flexible and more powerful. Want to only show orders with a certain product title? No problem! How about showing only international orders from eBay with next-day delivery? Check!

Not only will you be able to use any combination of filters together, you can also save that combination for quick access next time.

Here’s the full list of filters:


  • Shipping service
  • Shipping total


  • SKU
  • Product title

Customer info

  • Billing country
  • Shipping country


  • Order total
  • Ordered date
  • Shipped date


  • Assigned user
  • Flags

As always, if there’s anything we’re missing we want to know about it.

Let us know

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