Introducing ZenRewards: Spread the love

Introducing ZenRewards

Today we’re pleased announce the launch of our ZenRewards programme, which enables Zenstores users to earn £25 credit towards their subscription fee by referring new paid users to the platform.

With Zenstores we’re not just trying to build a great tool for online shipping, we’re attempting to build a community of online sellers who can help each other grow their businesses by sharing expertise and tackling problems together. 

The first (but by no means last) stage of this process is to create a way for our users to be rewarded for recommending Zenstores to other online sellers. We know that many of our customers are advocates for our platform and love spreading the word about how Zenstores can save friends and colleagues time shipping orders.

We’re strong believers that if our users support us, we should support them. ZenRewards is the first step along that path.

Here’s how it works

Step 1. Visit the ZenRewards section of your Zenstores dashboard by clicking the ‘ZenRewards’ button in the main navigation bar, or by clicking here

Zenstores dashboard - ZenRewards

Step 2. Enter an email address and hit ‘Invite’ to send someone an invitation to try Zenstores, or copy your unique sign up link and share it via social media, your website or any other channel.

Step 3. When a user you’ve referred subscribes to a paid plan with a subscription fee of £25 or more, we’ll credit your account with £25 towards your next payment!*

You can monitor the status of your referrals from the ZenRewards section of the dashboard.

Coming soon

Referral rewards are just the start of our plans for building a community of online powersellers in 2016, so stay tuned for more news by subscribing to our newsletter using the box to the right of this page, or by creating a free Zenstores trial account.

*Terms and conditions apply

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