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Andrew Griffiths from Blinkin Bananas

“Zenstores is just far better all round.”

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The Company

In 2010, Andrew Griffiths decided to try his hand at ecommerce, and set up an online business in his spare time. Starting off small, he bought a few wholesale products, sold them on eBay, and reinvested the money into more stock. His eBay business, Blinkin Bananas, has continued to grow steadily since then.

The Challenge

Building up Blinkin Bananas around his full time job, Andrew found that the number of hours he was working was “astronomical”.

He was buying PPI labels preprinted, which was not only very expensive but the process of adding the buyer’s address for each individual order took up far too much time.

Keeping all the orders organised and ensuring they were picked, packed, addressed and shipped in time, became increasingly difficult and left little room to focus on other aspects of growing the business long term.

The Solution

“It’s far easier, far cheaper, just far better all round”

Looking for a better way to print PPI labels, Andrew came across Zenstores. It pulls his eBay orders into the Zenstores dashboard where he can see them all on one page. From there he now selects orders in bulk and prints all the PPI address labels in a matter of minutes.

Shoppers often buy multiple items from Blinkin Bananas in separate orders, so before using Zenstores, Andrew manually sorted through all the order invoices. Now he uses the merge order feature which automatically highlights orders going to the same address, it saves time and combining shipping costs saves money.

“The only time I go to eBay is to leave feedback, everything’s done through Zenstores now”

Zenstores also helps with the customer service side of the business; anytime he receives a query about an order, Andrew goes straight to Zenstores to search by the order number or customer name to locate order details and shipping information.

The Outcome

Now that Andrew’s cut down the time and cost of dispatching orders, he’s been able to focus on getting his own website up and running. Managing his orders and shipping for both sales channels through Zenstores will help him to continue growing Blinkin Banana’s loyal customer base on his own website.

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