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A monthly roundup of changes we've made to Zenstores

What's new

March 2018

Product updates

  • Amazon SFP orders: We’re still working on the best way to deal with SFP orders for all the businesses using Zenstores as we’re hearing a lot of different things, but in the meantime we’ve made it easier to see SFP orders (they’re now flagged) and filter them out from your regular Amazon orders. 

  • APC Overnight: APC Overnight switched off their NetDespatch integration - we switched it off on our side. APC have replaced this with a new integration ‘New Horizon’ which can be accessed from Zenstores - so not much to report, other than the businesses dispatching orders with APC Overnight from Zenstores saw little to no disruption - which we think is a big win.

  • Improved app deployment: This year we have big plans for Zenstores and the backbone of this is making it easier for our incredibly hardworking development team to get work out in the wild so you can start reaping the rewards. So, there’s been a bunch of work done to improve deployment scripts - yeah, me neither, but apparently, it’s a big win and worth telling you about.

  • Royal Mail: SKU’s on shipping labels. If you’re one of the many companies that pick and pack orders without anything other than a shipping label as a reference, we’ve made getting this on your Royal Mail labels easier. A small win but should save a bunch of paper - so big picture etc… 

    Find out how to do this here & more about going green here with this great blog post too (full disclosure it’s written by us) here

  • Royal Mail: Switch off 2D Delivery Confirmation codes from updating on your sales channels. If you’re having issues with sales channels not getting along with Royal Mail 2D Delivery Confirmation codes, we’ve made it easier to switch these off. See how to do this here

  • Royal Mail: Manifests should generate much faster and you won’t need to refresh to complete the manifest send. This was a bit of a pain and we dropped the ball a bit here, sorry. We fixed it and everything should be fine now - our bad.

February 2018

Product updates 

  • In-app notifications: We use a company called Intercom to send those modals announcing new features, integrations and important news. This wasn’t great. So we built our own. The notification centre in Zenstores is lightweight, simple and it makes it easier for us to keep you in the loop. So win, win, win.

  • DPD: Zenstores will now validate that a service can be booked by checking the postcode against the service list to ensure no booking errors happen just as you’re about to finish shipping. We hate inconveniencing you, so these sort of updates make us maybe just a little too pleased.  

  • NEW INTEGRATION: Again, kind of, not really, but absolutely necessary. We launched our integration with the APC Overnight New Horizon (Hypaship) platform to all Zenstores user. Want to find out more about this and hear how it was an overnight success for one incredibly helpful Zenstores customer - see what we did there? Head over to the APC Overnight site

January 2018

Product updates

  • All sales channels: We’ll now notify you from your Zenstores dashboard immediately if there are any connection issues between your sales channels and Zenstores. Until now we only sent out emails when this happened and for the most part, this solved the issue, but in cases where emails weren’t seen in time and orders were going missing, causing headaches, so we’ve fixed this.

  • All sales channels: You can now stop orders importing into Zenstores from one of your sales channels if you would like to manage these externally but still keep the previous order records in Zenstores. Previously, you could only delete a channel and its orders - which made it more impossible to keep a record of these sales.

  • Zenstores Insights: Initial release of the new elastic search index. Translated to in non-tech speak, this means new data will come into Zenstores Insights within five minutes - which you might say is almost too fast...

    There's plenty more to come from this new elastic search index in the future, which we'll keep updated with.

  • Zenstores Insights: We’ll now show you your data on Zenstores Insights from the day you signed up for the product - so you can track yearly sales increases and a whole bunch more incredibly quickly. 

Any other business

  • Design: We made some small tweaks to the design of Zenstores - improving the channel settings page styling and layout. Little changes, but its made the platform nicer to use - so it’s a big win in our books.

  • Error reporting: We want to be more transparent about issues going forward - sometimes they’re our fault, sometimes they’re not - the most important thing is you know what’s going on. So we’ve updated our sales channel tests error messages so they now show more detail, including timeout messages. Keep your eyes peeled for more improvements here.

  • NEW INTEGRATION: Well, kind of. APC Overnight updated their booking system, we integrated with it and launched this to an early-access group of really helpful Zenstores customers.