FAQ: Triggering 'order shipped' notification emails from your store

Sending an 'order shipped' notification email to your customers can help to reduce customer enquiries and give your business a professional look.

When you dispatch an order in Zenstores, these emails are automatically triggered from your store.

This page covers some frequently asked questions and tips for getting it set up correctly on your store.

Which stores support triggering shipping notification emails?

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce

What information is sent to the store?


Shipping company ... Yes

Tracking number ... Yes

Link to parcel tracking page ... Partial courier support (see below)

Courier support for parcel tracking links

  • myHermes
  • DPD

All other couriers provide a link to a generic 'track this parcel' page, where the customer will be required to enter a tracking number. (APC, Royal Mail, Yodel, Parcelforce).


Shipping company ... Yes

Tracking number ... Yes

Why aren't my shipping notification emails being sent from Etsy?

To trigger shipping notification emails from Etsy, both the parcel tracking number and courier name need to be set on the shipment before clicking dispatch.

When using one of our courier integrations to print a shipping label in Zenstores the parcel tracking number and courier name is set for you automatically. 

If you are printing plain address labels or not printing courier labels then the tracking number and courier name will need to be entered manually.

Created on March 9, 2017

Category: Frequently Asked Questions