Troubleshooting WooCommerce connection issues

If your WooCommerce integration has stopped working it could be due to a number of reasons.

Note: You may need help from your WordPress developer for the below issues.

Firstly, please visit the stores settings page, click on your WooCommerce connection and then click the Test connection button.

The connection tester tool will let you know if Zenstores can connect to your store. If it can't connect it will tell you what is causing the problem. See below for a list of possible issues and how to resolve them.

Woocommerce failed to get orders for **store name** woo store:: {"errors":[{"code":"woocommerce_api_authentication_error","message":"Invalid Signature - provided]

Solution: This error usually happens when your WordPress site has redirects. Like from to or from to To avoid this please make sure you put your end domain into the url* input box on the Woocommerce connection page.

Woocommerce failed to get orders for **store name** Website:: {"errors":[{"code":"woocommerce_api_authentication_error","message":"Consumer Key is missing"}]}

Solution: This error is usually because of a caching plugin that is caching the Woocommerce REST API endpoints. To stop this happening please make sure that caching is turned off for the Woocommerce REST API endpoints.

Woocommerce returned: Woocommerce failed to get orders for **store name**:: {"errors":[{"code":"woocommerce_api_authentication_error","message":"API user is invalid"}]}

Solution: This kind of error normally means that the user who made the API credentials when you first connected your Woocommerce site has been removed from your WordPress site. This means when we try to connect to your site we no longer have authenticated access.

To resolve just create a new API Key in your Woocommerce site and then update your Woocommerce site settings in your Zenstores account and that should fix things for you.

Created on May 17, 2016

Category: Shop Integrations