Zenstores and Royal Mail integration FAQs

Q: How do I complete my paperwork for Royal Mail?

A: Click the "Create manifest" button this will update your Royal Mail OBA account with all your shipments and generate your end of day summary ready to print out and hand to your driver.

An in depth guide is available here: full guide available here

Q: How do I get Tracking information?

A: In Zenstores, When you generate a shipment using a tracked service your tracking data is sent back to supported sales channels. If you need to view your 2D barcode you can do so from your Zenstores dashboard and then track your item at http://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item

Q: How do I get access to Royal Mails Local Collect (deliver to Post Office) service?

A: Please contact your Royal Mail sales manager who will discuss how this service can be integrated with your website. This service is not presently supported by Zenstores, however, this will be included in a future update.

Q: How do I access additional services that are not set up on my Royal Mail account?

A: Please contact your Royal Mail sales manager and they will discuss setting up of new services with you.  Once these are set up directly with Royal Mail they should be available within Zenstores within 48 hours.

Q: I don’t know who my Royal Mail account manager is?

A: Please contact RM customer services on 08457 950 950 and follow the prompts.

Q: I have a query about my tracking information who should I contact?

A: Please contact Royal Mail on 08457 950 950

Q: I have changed my account number with Royal Mail do I need to set up with Zenstores again?

A: Yes. If you have a new account number then you will need to repeat the setup process with Zenstores so that this new account number is used.

Q: I have changed my company name within Royal Mail and this has given me a new account number what do I need to do?

A: You will need to repeat the setup process with Zenstores to set up your new account number and company name. You can do this by emailing support@zenstores.com

Q:¬†I have changed my posting address ‚Äď do I need to do anything?

A: Please advise Zenstores of the new posting address including postcode.  Zenstores will then update Royal Mail with the new information. You can do this by emailing support@zenstores.com

Q: How can I see what I have posted (manifested)?

A ‚Äď By logging into Royal Mails Online Business Account (OBA) you will be able to view items posted, invoices and look at basic tracking information.

Q: I want to use BPL / BPR services (Non-Vat services) through Zenstores, are they supported?

A: Yes, Royal Mail BPL / BPR services (Non-Vat services) are supported by Zenstores.

Q: Can I produce an integrated picking note?

A: Yes these are available via Zenstores.

Q: There are some services available that I want to use but cannot see on my account?

A: Have you checked with your Royal Mail account manager that they are set up on your Royal Mail account? If they have not been set up they will not be visible on Zenstores.

Q: Can I produce different sized labels, like A4 integrated labels?

A:¬†The current default label size is 6‚ÄĚ X 4‚ÄĚ inches, which is the standard Royal Mail label size and works with the Zebra GK420D. We also support a few other label types, for more info please click¬†here

Created on Sept. 1, 2017

Category: Shipping Integrations