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Ecommerce news: Amazon Custom and Shopify's Instagram integration

Ecommerce news: Amazon custom, Shopify integrates with Instagram

Shopify integrates with Instagram

Shopify has also launched an integration with Instagram for retailers in the UK and eight other countries. The sales channel integration allows Shopify retailers to sell their products direct to shoppers on Instagram using product tagging. Shoppers that come across your tagged products on Instagram can tap a link to view and buy the product within the Instagram app.

To use the new Instagram integration you need to have a Facebook channel with an approved Facebook Shop set up with your Shopify account, a business profile on Instagram, and be on the Basic Shopify plan or higher. The integration is available to Shopify users in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Brazil.

Find out more about how to use Instagram as a sales channel with your Shopify store here.

Amazon Custom available in the UK

Amazon sellers in the UK are now able to list products with customisation options. Previously, sellers have had to contact customers after an order has been placed to get the details of any custom requirements.

The new options allow sellers to offer any combination of text, image or product customisation:

  • Text customisation: customers can add any text to a product, with colour and font options specified by the seller. 
  • Image customisation: allows customers to upload their own image or logo
  • Product configuration: sellers can offer a choice of made-on-demand items, specified in Seller Central. 

For listings with custom options set up, the ‘Add to Basket’ button is replaced by ‘Customise Now’, so it’s not possible for shoppers to make a purchase without customising their order.

To sell personalised items using Amazon Custom you need to apply within Seller Central. Find out more about Amazon Custom here.

Shopify offers Google Pay

Shopify has announced a new integration with Google Pay. All businesses using Shopify Payments can now offer Google Pay as a checkout option. Google Pay enables any Android user who’s previously stored credit or debit card information on Chrome to checkout using a ‘Google Pay’ button.

You can enable Google Pay in your Shopify Payment settings. Learn more about using Google Pay with Shopify here.

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