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Ecommerce News: Changes to eBay and Etsy search

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The last week has seen a number of changes, updates and launches in the ecommerce world, so we’ve put together some of the biggest news to keep you up to date about what’s going on and how it might affect your business.

Product identifiers are now searchable on eBay

Since Monday 11 April, eBay buyers have been able to search for an item using its GTIN, UPC, EAN, ISBN or MPN. In February the number of categories requiring product identifiers was increased as part of a Seller Update. eBay has now said that listings containing these product identifiers will receive better search visibility, so if you haven’t added these in yet it could be worth spending some time doing it. Find out more about the changes to eBay search and product identifiers here

Etsy launches hosted ecommerce stores

Etsy is now offering the opportunity for sellers to set up a hosted ecommerce store that integrates directly with their Etsy store. Pattern by Etsy will cost $15 per month, as well as a 3.5% charge for each order made through the website. It also requires sellers to use their Direct Checkout payment system, which has a payment processing fee. The new stores will use all of the seller's existing Etsy listings, and any future listings will be automatically added to the Etsy store and Pattern website. Find out more about Pattern by Etsy here.

Further changes to Etsy’s search

In October Etsy controversially changed its search algorithm for shoppers in the UK and Australia to make sellers in the same country as the shopper more prominent in search results. Etsy has now extended these changes to make shopping location a factor for search results in France and Germany as well. Read more about the changes to Etsy search, and seller concerns here

Shopify integrates with Facebook messenger

Shopify sellers in the US can now contact their customers using Facebook messenger. The new integration means that once a seller opts in to be contacted by Facebook, they will automatically receive order confirmation, payment and shipping details from the shop’s Facebook account.

Currently the integration is only available to Shopify and Facebook users in the US, but they have said they are working to launch the function in other countries soon. Find out more here.

eBay have also announced that they are working on integrating with Facebook to send a reminder through Facebook messenger to shoppers when an item is about to end or they have been outbid, read more about it here.

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