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Ecommerce news: eBay drops PayPal and eBay Guaranteed Delivery labels

ecommerce news: eBay drops PayPal

In the news this week: eBay is replacing PayPal as its main payment processor, the requirements for eBay Guaranteed Delivery are relaxed and Amazon Business France launches. 

eBay dropping PayPal as main payment processor

eBay has announced that PayPal will be replaced as its main payment processor from mid-2020, by Adyen. The agreement signed with the payment processor, Adyen, will allow shoppers to complete purchases entirely on eBay and give eBay greater control over the payment experience.

eBay has stated that sellers can expect their payment processing costs to be reduced, a simplified pricing structure, and more predictable access to their funds. They’ve also said that they are working on providing sellers with business information, inclusive of payments, in one place.

Sellers will have to set up the new payment process to continue selling on eBay. The transition is expected to happen by July 2021, a year after eBay’s Operating Agreement with PayPal expires.

PayPal will continue to be a payment option for shoppers.

Read eBay’s full statement about its new payment processor agreement with Adyen here

eBay labels not required for eBay Guaranteed Delivery sellers no longer have to exclusively use eBay labels to participate in the eBay Guaranteed Delivery programme. Launched November 2017, the programme requires sellers to offer same day or one-day handling times, and eBay will predict and guarantee the delivery date to buyers. If the item arrives late, but you met your dispatch time, eBay will cover the refund of the shipping cost or a free return label.

Search filters on eBay allow shoppers to filter products by eBay Guaranteed Delivery, meaning that if you’re not part of it your listings won’t appear in those searches.

Initially, sellers were required to purchase and use eBay shipping labels to take part in the Guaranteed Delivery programme. But since many sellers use third party software to manage their orders and shipping, eBay has now waived this requirement

Find out more about eBay Guaranteed Delivery here.

Amazon Business France launch

Amazon has now launched its Amazon Business seller programme in France. The marketplace for B2B products gives sellers better access to sell to other businesses, with special features including; the ability to define business prices and quantity discount, lower fees on high volume transactions and automated VAT invoicing.

Sellers already using Amazon Business in the UK can now target French businesses on Amazon France. Find out more about Amazon Business here.

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