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Ecommerce news: eBay fees issues and Active Content ban

ecommerce news

This week’s news covers problems with eBay fees, the ban on Active Content in eBay listings, and Etsy listings being suspended.

eBay glitch charges for Gallery Plus fees

Some eBay sellers have found that the Gallery Plus option is being added to their listings without their consent. Sellers affected are being charged up to £2.50 per listing when their listings automatically renew or if they revise their listings. eBay has acknowledged the problem, but no information has been given about how long it will take to resolve the issue. You should take a look at your eBay fees to make sure you’re not affected by this problem.  

Read posts about the issue on the eBay seller discussion boards here.

Active content blocked in eBay listings

From 7 June, eBay has been blocking active content in listings. Any JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins and form actions will no longer display properly. Your listings will still be live on eBay, the active content ban just means that they will either look messy if it hasn’t rendered properly, or any important information that was included in the active content will no longer be viewable.

Find out more about eBay’s Active Content ban here.

Etsy sellers without Etsy Payments listing’s suspended

Etsy has started suspending seller’s listings if they haven’t set up Etsy Payments since June 1. Previously Etsy allowed you to choose between using their payment system or a number of other payment methods, however now they require all sellers to use their payment system - Etsy Payments (previously called Direct Checkout). If your listings have been suspended you’ll need to set up Etsy Payments, find out more about Etsy Payments here.  

Etsy listings renew automatically

All new listings created on Etsy since 14 June will default to automatic renewal. Sellers will still be able to choose whether they would like their listings to renew manually or automatically. No changes will be made to existing listings, and you can edit your listings’ renewal options under ‘More actions’ and then ‘Manage renewal options’.

 Find out more about changes to Etsy automatic renewals here.

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