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Ecommerce news: Sell on Etsy app updates and Royal Mail study

ecommerce news: etsy app and royal mail survey

In the news this week: Etsy's seller app has new finance features, Royal Mail has released the results of a study on SME online retailers, and we take a look at Whatsapp's new business app. 

Sell on Etsy app new finance features

Etsy has released new features within the Sell on Etsy mobile app to help retailers manage their shop finances. Etsy sellers are already able to take payments through the app, but now they will also be able to view their account’s latest deposit balances and pay their Etsy bills.

The Sell on Etsy app is available for Android and iOS. Find out more about the new Sell on Etsy features

Royal Mail SME online retailers survey

A study of UK-based online SME retailers commissioned by Royal Mail has uncovered some interesting findings about how ecommerce businesses view themselves and their plans for 2018.

74% have said that they’re confident sales will increase in 2018, after 70% saw an uplift in sales during 2017 compared with 2016. They’re looking to grow their business by increasing social media presence (43%), running more promotional offers (39%) and introducing new products/services (29%).

However, 69% of retailers are concerned that their costs will be higher this year, including their biggest costs being: purchasing (34%), logistics/delivery (32%), and advertising (27%).

Read the full survey for Royal Mail here.

WhatsApp Business App

Messaging app, WhatsApp, has launched a free Android app for small businesses. Designed to make it easier for businesses to respond to customers and to create an official presence, the app offers:

  • Business Profiles - including useful information such as a business description, email, shop address and website. 
  • Messaging Tools - quick replies to frequently asked questions, greeting messages to introduce customers to your business, and away messages. 
  • Messaging Statistics
  • You’ll be listed as a business account. 

WhatsApp Business can be downloaded on Google Play in the UK, US, Indonesia, Italy and Mexico now. Find out more about Whatsapp's business app here.

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