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Ecommerce news: Shopify updates and eBay problems

Ecommerce news: Shopify updates and eBay problems

In the news this week we’ve covered a range of announcements and plans from Shopify, as well as a problem with eBay’s Mobile friendly checker.

Shopify and Shopify Plus announcements

Shopify have announced a number of updates to the platform that will take place over the course of 2017.

Shopify Pay is a faster way for shoppers to complete their purchases. After entering their shipping and payment details once, shoppers will be able to opt-in to have that information saved with Shopify Pay, then the next time they go to any Shopify store they just have to type their email address and the 6-digit verification code that they’ll receive by SMS. Shopify Pay will be available to all stores that are already using Shopify Payments in the next few weeks. Find out more about Shopify Pay here

Shopify is also increasing the number of sales channels available; the latest additions include Kik and Wish, with more being added soon.

There are also a number of new features available for Shopify Plus users, aimed at larger ecommerce businesses:

  • Launchpad: an app to help plan and automate flash sales, product launches and sales campaigns
  • Flow: an automation platform allowing merchants to customise backend workflows.
  • Payment Scripts: More control over presenting different payment gateways based on customer’s information or their cart.
  • Wholesale: new B2B platform for wholesale
  • Mobile Store Builder: allows merchants to build a native mobile app without any technical expertise or coding.

eBay Mobile friendly checker glitch

eBay has recently added a ‘mobile friendly checker’ link to the create new listing page, however, some sellers have found that the link doesn’t work. When they’ve clicked on the link it has opened up a pop-up to an empty page, and then there’s no way to return to the listing that you were working on, so any details that you’ve already input will be lost.

If you want to check if your listing is mobile friendly you should save a draft of your listing before you give it a try. 

Find out more about the problem with eBay’s mobile friendly listing checker here

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