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New feature: Tailor Zenstores to your team

Manage teams in Zenstores

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This week we’ve updated the Zenstores platform with a new feature aimed at making our platform more flexible for your business.

If you’re the Zenstores account owner, you might want to give different members of your team access to different parts of the platform and restrict them from accessing others. That’s why we’ve introduced the ability to assign different privileges to your different users.

There are three levels of access, seen here:

Manage teammates access

Full access to all Zenstores products and settings

This option gives a user the ability to access both Zenstores Dispatch and Zenstores Insights, and perform every action within both products. For example, users with this level of access can add stores, couriers and other users to Zenstores Dispatch, as well as favourite reports in Zenstores Insights.

The only thing a user with full access can’t do is remove the account owner, so you’ll always have overall control of your account.

Can view Zenstores Insights

If you’re using Zenstores Dispatch and Zenstores Insights together you might want to give some members of your team the ability to see your sales figures. Now you can manage who has access to your Zenstores Insights sales data on a user by user basis.

If the only Zenstores product you’re using is Insights, you might just want to add another user to your account. By default this setting will be enabled when you add a new teammate.

Can view and ship with Zenstores Dispatch

If you want to add another teammate to your Zenstores Dispatch account and give them the ability to view, manage and dispatch orders, but not change important settings, this is the option for you. 

If you’re a Zenstores Insights account owner and you’ve recently switched on Zenstores Dispatch, you’ll need to tick this box for any member of your team who you would like to be able to view, manage and dispatch orders.

To set the level of access for a particular user, just hit the ‘Manage access’ button next to their name in the Teammates area of the Settings section.

Teammate access privileges

If you have any questions about managing access privileges for your team, just get in touch by emailing or by sending us a message in-app.

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