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ZenMilestone: Breaking the 1m shipment barrier!

Zenstores 1m shipments processed

Today we’re excited to announce that in just over one year since launching Zenstores in January 2015 we’ve helped small ecommerce businesses dispatch over 1 million orders through our shipping and order management platform.

If our business is growing it means our clients’ businesses are growing too, and that’s good news all round! We’re not resting on our laurels though, we’ve got big plans for 2016 including rapidly scaling up our userbase, number of integrations and feature-set. Currently we’re working on a new integration with Etsy shopfronts (available in Q1), and support for WooCommerce and OpenCart won’t be far behind.

Zenstores Co-Founder and CEO Thomas Palmer is buzzing at the moment: 

“We set up Zenstores last year with absolute focus on simplifying shipping for small businesses so that they can get on with the important task of driving their businesses forward. That approach is bearing fruit, as evidenced by the huge numbers of shipments we’re now processing.”

One of our users, British Red Cross eBay coordinator Victoria MCGirr, said: 

“Having just launched our British Red Cross eBay store, Zenstores is helping us with shipping and dispatch. Their customer service and advice is excellent. The system they provide makes the dispatch process simple and time efficient."

Zenstores takes the hassle out of shipping products by consolidating orders from eBay, Amazon, Shopify and Magento and automating the printing of delivery labels via Royal Mail and many other couriers. We’ve recently developed Zenstores to give users a simple way to ship using the new Royal Mail 2D barcodes labels, as well as making it easy to calculate and add tax to customer invoices.

If you want to save time and streamline your shipping, then give Zenstores a try. The first 100 shipments are free and monthly plans start at just £9. 

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