Zenstores & what3words partner to enable retailers to offer faster and more reliable deliveries

July 20, 2022


///motion.brands.beside - 20.07.2022:       Today we’re delighted to announce that Zenstores has integrated innovative location technology what3words, enabling precise three word addresses to be seamlessly added to shipping labels and ensuring accurate deliveries. 

Starting a business is an incredibly brave thing to do, and Zenstores know first hand how difficult it is to find time to plan for the growth of a new business without being overwhelmed by the millions of day to day tasks required to keep it running. Zenstores are passionate about making shipping faster, easier & cheaper for growing businesses. 

A common pain point for businesses is ensuring accurate deliveries - first time, every time. Street addresses often don’t guide drivers to the right entrance, and in rural locations postcodes cover large areas, posing another challenge to delivery drivers. 

Inaccurate addresses lead to increased delivery times, higher costs and compromise customer satisfaction. 

what3words solves these issues, and provides an easy way to communicate precise locations. Every 3 metre square in the world has been given a unique combination of 3 words: a what3words address. For example ///motion.brands.beside marks the exact entrance to Zenstores HQ in Bristol. 

what3words makes it simple for customers to pinpoint a precise delivery location and for delivery drivers to know exactly where to drop off parcels.

By accepting what3words addresses at checkout, ecommerce businesses can reduce the need for phone calls from lost delivery drivers, and ensure customer orders arrive exactly where they’re needed, faster and more reliably. 

Zenstores’ easy Toggle-On additional feature will enable a what3words address to be passed through and printed to a Zenstores shipping label. Businesses can already add a what3words address field to their checkout pages for free, so this step will ensure that no matter what carrier is used, a what3words address can be added to parcels and used to ensure accurate and efficient deliveries. 

Zenstores customers will now have the ability to unlock the what3words functionality in their ecommerce platform.

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