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Success Stories: Paul Snook from Apple Crates UK

Success Story: Paul Snook Apple Crates UK

Paul Snook runs Apple Crates UK, selling personalised, handmade, vintage-style apple crates across eBay, Amazon, Etsy and their own online shop.

Why did you start selling online?

The main reason we chose to sell online is because we offer quite a niche, non 'main stream', product with many of our items being personalised so to sell online seemed the best choice for reaching the largest target audience possible.

What have been your biggest challenges selling online, and how have you overcome them?

Selling across different channels, eBay, Amazon and Etsy as well as our own shop, meant having to log into each site to check for orders, which was time consuming and often meant orders were missed or confused. We started using Zenstores because it imports all the orders from different marketplaces making it easy to view our orders and print shipping labels.

Why do you use Zenstores?

We were struggling with order management, and we wanted to have one job list with orders from all our channels - eBay, Amazon and Etsy. So having a centralised job list, sorting the orders into which need doing first, is really useful for us. The printing element of the Zenstores platform is a welcome bonus. Overall, Zenstores has probably saved us about three hours a day, which means I can get home on time and donโ€™t have to spend evenings and weekends working.

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