4 Post Ideas for Your Shop's Facebook Page

Post ideas for Facebook

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You’ve joined the social media world and set up a Facebook page for your online shop, but now you’re not sure what to actually post? Well take a look at these ideas for how to vary your Facebook posts to create a network of people following your business.

All social media marketing will increase brand awareness, and attract potential customers but Facebook in particular allows you to reach your exact target audience on a personal level.  You can make them aware that the products you sell are the ones they are looking for.

It’s a great opportunity to reach out to existing and potential customers but only if you get it right.

1. New Products

The most obvious Facebook posts for your online shop will be about the products that you sell - after all that’s why you’ve set up the page. Your posts should be straightforward and easy to read - include a short description of the item, its price and most importantly a link to where you can buy it. You also need to include at least one good quality photo of the item.

Example Facebook Shop - Solefactory

It might be tempting to post a picture of every single item you have for sale, continuously. However, for most Facebook users this will be off-putting and will lose you followers rather than gaining them.

When you first start out, post a few items that you have for sale so that people can look through your pictures and see what kind of products you sell. After that, limit your product posts to three or four a week - post when you have new and exciting items.

2. Interesting & Relevant Links

Regularly post links on your Facebook page to relevant blogs and articles. These need to cover topics that will be of interest to your customers. For example if you sell camping supplies, then an article about a new campsite opening, changes to regulations about towing caravans, or upcoming weather forecasts are all going to be something that may affect your customers.

If you can share useful information with existing and potential customers, they are likely to keep following you, share your updates and refer back to you as a source of information.

Facebook example - Mountain Warehouse

3. Behind the Scenes

Share pictures of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your business. If you have a new delivery of stock, post a picture of it and tell your customers that you have exciting new stock that will be available soon. If you use one of the tents you sell to go on a camping trip, take a picture, write about your experience and share it. Social media is about creating a community around your brand, so that people choose your shop over another when they are looking to buy.

Facebook example - Clic Sargent

4. Ask a Question

Posting a question on Facebook is a great way of getting people to interact with your Facebook business page - and it also means that your post will appear in their ‘friends’ newsfeeds. Ask people to share their recommendations for a camping site, or camping tips, or ask them to choose between two different items. If you can get people commenting and interacting with your Facebook page then you will raise awareness of your brand.

Facebook Example - Cotswold

These ideas are just the beginning of what you could do with your Facebook business page. The only key thing to remember is to vary your posts. The same ideas and suggestions are easily applied to other social media accounts, but if you’re struggling to get started with Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest then take a look at our guides to help your online shop benefit from social media marketing.

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