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Each year Halloween is celebrated by more and more people, with many buying costumes, accessories, food and decorations from online shops. If you’re planning on taking advantage of the money-making potential of Halloween this year, you’ll need to prepare your business and invest in great shipping software to handle the increase in orders.

Last year 37.1% of people were planning on buying their Halloween costume from a supermarket, however 52.4% were planning on buying fancy dress from online retailers, including: 14.3% on eBay, 11.4% on online fancy dress shops, and 20% on Amazon.

Halloween shopping online

This year it’s predicted that £443 million will be spent on Halloween in the UK, £148 million of which will be on clothing and costumes, as well as millions on Halloween decorations. These are both categories that are easy to sell online, especially if you have the right shipping software that can keep up with the orders.

Halloween also signifies the start of the holiday season leading up to Christmas. Once Halloween is out of the way people really start to think about Christmas shopping - so getting prepared for Halloween sales will also ensure you are ready for Christmas.

Investing in shipping software for Halloween

The most important part of any holiday season is to be prepared for the increase in sales - review your processes and look for ways to make your business more efficient.

Investing in some great shipping software, such as Zenstores, can vastly increase the number of orders you’re able to process and stop you being overwhelmed by the Halloween frenzy.

Here's how shipping software can help:

  • Save time - bring together all your orders from different online marketplaces into one list.
  • Printing in bulk - Print invoices, packing slips and address labels in bulk and save yourself some clicks!
  • Look up orders quicker - find orders by order number, address, customer name etc.

Getting involved with Halloween

If you don’t think the Halloween holiday applies to your online shop you could be wrong. You can easily find spooky uses for the products you already sell.

Halloween shipping software

Your items might not be intended for Halloween but that doesn’t stop them being bought as part of a costume or for decorations. If you sell clothes anything dark colour or with lace could be used for a costume or, if you sell craft supplies, suggest creative ways to make decorations using products you sell.

Create a new section for Halloween in your online shop and add everything that’s related so customers are easily inspired to buy from your shop this Halloween.

For more information on making the most of Halloween as an online shop read these articles:

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