International Selling Dates for Online Sellers

international selling dates for online sellers

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Everyone knows that the months leading up to Christmas are the busiest periods for online sellers in the UK, and in recent years Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have added to this ecommerce rush. However, if you’re selling internationally then there are a number of other festivals and seasonal events you can take advantage of.

Here’s a list of some of the biggest events in other countries that you could target in the next year to increase your international sales.


Click Frenzy
When: 16 November 2016
What is it: Based on America’s Cyber Monday, Click Frenzy takes place on the third Tuesday of November. The 24 hour flash sale was started in 2012, and the Click Frenzy website offers a centralised website displaying hundreds of online discounts and offers. You have to register in advance to take part, find out more here


Singles Day
When: 11 November 2016.
What is it: If you’re thinking of selling in China, the biggest selling day of the year is November 11 - Singles Day. It was started in the 1990s as a day to celebrate being single; about five years ago one of China’s biggest ecommerce platforms, Alibaba, took advantage of the holiday’s commercial possibility and started offering deals on Singles Day. Now it’s the world’s biggest online shopping day, with Chinese consumers spending over $14.3 billion in 24 hours last year.

Chinese New Year
When: 28 January 2017
What is it: Another important celebration is Chinese New Year, which is increasingly becoming a great opportunity for online businesses. As well as time to exchange presents, part of the tradition of Chinese New Year is to wear brand new clothes, so in the weeks before there’s a huge increase in online shopping.


When: 30 October 2016
What is it: Like the run up to Christmas in the UK, the months leading up to Diwali are the busiest time for online retailers in India, and during the five day celebration a number of ecommerce sites offer sales and discounts. To make the most of these opportunities it’s worth looking at selling on India’s biggest online marketplaces, Snapdeal and Flipkart.


New Year
When: 31 December 2016 - 7 January 2017
What is it: The biggest holiday in Russia is New Year, followed by Russian Orthodox Christmas on 7 January. Russians will be shopping online in November and December, but this will continue throughout January as well.

If you’re thinking of taking advantage of these ecommerce opportunities around the world, then take a look at our blog about how to sell online internationally.

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