Spring 2016 eBay Seller Updates

Ebay Seller Updates Spring 2016

The Spring 2016 eBay seller update has already brought in some big changes with the introduction of product reviews, and in the coming months there will be updates to mobile item descriptions, parts compatibility for motorcycles and scooters, as well as a couple of new eBay categories. Not sure how these latest updates will affect you and your business? We’ve put together a quick summary of the new changes, and what, if any, action you’ll need to take.

Product reviews

When? Now
What’s happening? eBay have started to introduce product reviews for certain products on the desktop and mobile site to give buyers more information before they purchase. The reviews are displayed as a star rating at the top of the listings, and are associated with specific products, rather than a listing or a seller, therefore they will have no relation to your feedback ratings. Only listings for products that are associated with an existing product in eBay’s product catalogue are eligible for reviews.

Spring 2016 Seller updates product reviews

What do you need to do? Reviews will be automatically added to your relevant products - buyers will now receive an email giving them the chance to review the products they purchase. However, to increase the chance of product reviews appearing on your listings make sure you have used the correct product identifiers and item specifics. Learn more about the new product reviews here.

Spring 2016 Seller updates

Mobile Item Descriptions

When? July 2016

What’s happening? eBay are improving the visibility of item descriptions on their mobile site and app in response to the continuing increase of eBay purchases from mobile devices. Starting in July 2016, eBay will either automatically create a 250 character summary of your item description by identifying keywords that shoppers search for your item with, or use your full item description if it’s less than 800 characters and uses basic HTML, CSS or text-only.

What do you need to do?  The new item descriptions will be automatically created, so you don’t have to do anything. If you do want to change the summary description that eBay generate you can find out more here.

Category Changes

When? 17 May 2016

What’s happening? A number of eBay categories are changing to improve alignment between eBay.co.uk and their marketplaces in other countries, with the intention of making it easier to sell abroad. Find out if you list in one of the affected categories.

In addition, the Wine category (open to selected sellers since February) is now going to be part of the new Beer, Wine and Spirits category, and eBay is launching a Sex Toys, Erotic Clothing and Fantasy, Fetish and Accessories category. Find out more about how you can start selling in the new categories here.

What do you need to do? Listings in the categories that are changing will automatically be moved to the most relevant category and final value fees for the new category will apply. Item specifics vary depending on which category items are listed in so you may need to review your listing to ensure they are correct after the changes.  

Parts compatibility for motorcycle and scooter parts

When? April 2016 for motorcycles and 17 May 2016 for scooter parts

What’s happening? Buyers will now be able to find motorcycle and scooter parts the same way you can find car parts - by choosing their make and model when they search.
Spring 2016 Seller updates

What do you need to do? You’ll need to select the appropriate vehicle models from eBay’s master motorcycle list - find out more about listing motorcycle parts here

Jewellery policy update

When? 5 April 2016

What’s happening? eBay is updating it’s jewellery policy to meet industry standards. Items with fine metals or fine gemstones, and any fine metal that’s plated or filled with another fine metal have to be listed in the Fine Jewellery category. Natural diamonds that have been enhanced have to include the word ‘enhanced’ in the listings title, and natural gemstones that have been treated must include the word ‘treated’ in the title.

What do you need to do? New listings in the Fine Jewellery and Costume Jewellery categories have new requirements, and existing listings will need to be updated by 4 July 2016.

UK sellers may also be affected by a number of changes to eBay’s international sites, find out more here

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