eCommerce shop systems that support CSV order exports

When a direct integration with Zenstores isn't available yet for your eCommerce shop system, it is still possible to import your orders into Zenstores to avail of our easy order management and courier integrations.

CSV order export and Zenstores order import options

You can do this by exporting your orders as a CSV from your shop system and then import them into your Zenstores account using our handy CSV import feature, you can find more info about how that works here: How to import orders from a CSV file

Is my eCommerce shop system supported?

If your not sure your current shop system is supported never fear. Below you will find a list of shop systems that are known to support the exporting of orders via CSV. 

My shop system isn't on the list what should I do?

If your shop system isn't on this list it doesn't mean that you can't export your orders as a CSV, the best thing to do is to get in touch with the company that built your shop system and check with them if this kind of functionality is supported.

Created on Jan. 5, 2017

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