How to connect your DHL account to Zenstores

Before you can connect your DHL account to Zenstores please make sure you have the following details.

  • Username - this is usually the email address you log into your DHL account with.
  • Password - this is the password you use when logging into your DHL account
  • Account Numbers - This is your DHL account number
  • New API Key - This is a New API key that you will need to contact your account manager to get.
Please note: You will likely need to contact your DHL account manager to get the New API Key.

Once you have the above info, you can then follow the steps below to get set up.

1. First hover over Settings and then click Shipping.

2. Click Connect a courier and then select DHL from the dropdown.

3. Next you will need to input our DHL account details in the below fields.

4. Next you need to set up the type of collection you have set up in your DHL account.

Daily Collection 

To set a daily collection just tick Collection arranged daily.

Ad Hoc Collection

To set an Ad Hoc collection you will just need to set your earliest and latest collection times in 24 hour format. If you don't want a collection to happen during lunch please tick Closed for lunch.

5. Now just click save to go to step 2, where you can add in your account number.

On this next page you will need to give this account a name (this is for your reference only). Then just type out your account numberNow if you have one DHL account number you can just click Save and start booking shipments. If you have more than one then just click Save and add another to add more.

6. You are now ready to start booking DHL shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have more than one DHL account number how do I set a default one?

If you have more than one DHL account number and you want one to be set as the default one just make sure you set the Sort weight of the one you want to have as default to the highest number.

For example: You have two DHL account numbers, account A and account B. If you wanted Account B to be the default you would set the sort order in the following way.

Account A sort weight = 1
Account B sort weight = 2

I don't have DHL account but would like to get one setup? 

Please get in touch and we will be able to assist you.

Created on Feb. 7, 2022

Category: Shipping Integrations

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