How to export orders as a CSV/spreadsheet

In this guide i'm going to show you how to export you orders as a CSV or spreadsheet.

Scroll further down if you prefer a step by step guide.

Step by step guide:

1. First of all click the Export button on the top right hand side

help export to csv 1

2. Then in the pop up box drop down list select what type of order you would like to export. You can choose from New, In Progress, Shipped and Closed orders.

help export to csv 2

3. Then click Export

help export to csv 3

4. Zenstores will then email you your CSV spreadsheet to your Company email address, it will be populated with the orders you specified in step 2. See below for an image of a sample spreadsheet.

help export orders as spreadsheet 5

Created on Dec. 1, 2015

Category: Order Management