How to import orders from a CSV file

Having all of your online orders in one place is key for staying organised when running your online shop.

For the times when a direct store integration isn't available, you can import orders into Zenstores using the CSV file importer.

For a list of eCommerce platform's that we know support CSV exporting of orders please check out this guide:  

Please note: If you receive this error Unable to process file, please ensure you are uploading a valid CSV file and is UTF-8 encoded

This means your CSV doesn't have UTF-8 text encoding this can normally be selected when using save as, except in the case of Microsoft Excel. 

If you are using Microsoft excel then follow the below instructions:

Choose File->Save as from the menu.
In the 'Save as type(or Format)' dropdown > select 'Windows Comma Seperated(.csv)'

Then click save and the CSV should work


Please note the following fields are required for your CSV file to be imported by Zenstores

For a list of all available order fields please see the bottom of the page

  • Order Number
  • Shipping address name
  • Shipping address line 1
  • Shipping address city
  • Shipping address post code
  • Shipping address country name or ISO country code
  • Line item title
  • Line item quantity

For a full list of country codes please visit Nationals Online, the codes you want are the ISO Alpha-2 code's.

e.g. GB(Great Britain)

How to import a CSV file

1. Download the CSV from your store or ecommerce platform.

2. Check that your CSV file has the required fields listed above and that each column has a heading. Headings must be unique and in row 1.

3. Click the 'Import a CSV file' button and then select the CSV file from your computer using the 'Choose file' button.

4. If you have imported a similar CSV file before and created an existing field mapping for it then simply check the 'Use an existing field mapping' option and select your saved field mapping from the select box. If you are importing a CSV file for the first time then select the 'Create a new field mapping' option and click Import.

5. If you are creating a new field mapping you will now need to map the fields from your CSV file to the fields in Zenstores. Moving down the list, select the appropriate field from the "Zenstores" column until all of the required fields are showing up as checked. Now click "Import & save field mapping".

6. Finally you will see the status of the CSV import in the "Recent imports" list, when it has finished processing you should see the total number of new orders that has been imported. It may take up to 10 minutes to process so feel free to leave the page and we will notify you when it has completed.

What is a Field Mapping?

All platforms have different ways of formatting CSV's, so you will need to tell Zenstores how to extract the correct information for use in Zenstores. Once a CSV has been mapped to Zenstores, the configuration of that CSV template is saved for re-use, so you won't have to map the fields every time. This is called field mapping.

For example: when exporting a CSV file from Shopify, information about the line item is called 'Lineitem name', however on Zenstores it is known as 'Line item title'. 

So when mapping Shopify's CSV's to Zenstores you would select 'Line Item Title' in the field to the right of the column 'Lineitem name', like in the image below.

help how to import from csv to zenstores 1

Full list of Zenstores order fields

*denotes required fields


  • Date
  • Order Number*
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Payment method
  • Shipping method
  • Shipping total
  • Total tax
  • Order subtotal
  • Order discount
  • Order total
  • Currency
  • Seller username
  • Customer note
  • Internal note
  • Buyer name
Billing address

Billing address name

  • Billing address city
  • Billing address line 1
  • Billing address line 2
  • Billing address line 3
  • Billing address company
  • Billing address country
  • Billing address post code
  • Billing address country code
  • Billing address phone number
  • Billing address province/county

Shipping address

  • Shipping address name*
  • Shipping address city*
  • Shipping address line 1*
  • Shipping address line 2
  • Shipping address line 3
  • Shipping address company
  • Shipping address country
  • Shipping address post code*
  • Shipping address country code*
  • Shipping address phone number
  • Shipping address province/county

Line items

  • Line item SKU
  • Line item image url
  • Line item tax rate
  • Line item title*
  • Line item quantity*
  • Line item unit price
  • Line item subtotal

Created on May 4, 2016

Category: Order Management