How to re-print labels

Sometimes labels can get lost, damaged or there might be a problem with your printer. It's times like these when the re-print labels feature comes in handy - allowing you to re-print labels that you have created individually or in bulk.

Here's how to re-print labels in Zenstores.

Step by step guide

1. First of all navigate to your dispatched list by clicking the Dispatched tab.

help re-print labels 1

2. Select all the orders that you need labels reprinted for, using the check boxes on the left-hand side.

help re-print labels 2

3. Then click Print, and in the list that appears click Reprint labels

help re-print labels 3

4. This will open all your labels in a separate tab(or window depending on your browser settings) ready for printing, you can now simply click the print icon and follow your computers instructions.

help re-print labels 4

Created on Nov. 5, 2015

Category: Printing